Ah yes, one of the most important Sundays is almost upon us, as the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are set to show who the NFL's best truly is. But you already knew that, so let's discuss who wins and why.

I'm not sure a better match-up could've been concocted. The best offense in the league against the best defense in the league; that'll be some good football.

So, who has the real advantage here? Both teams have played in all kinds of bad weather, have both had their fair share of injuries, and both have exploitable weaknesses.

In all honesty, I think Denver has the true advantage over a very good Seattle team. Why? Well, frankly, the offense is just too good. Sure, Seattle's defense is top-notch, but if you have an offense that has so many safety valves and various weapons, the defense begins to get stretched and strained. I expect the Denver offense to wear out the Seattle defense with by the simple means of attrition.

But what about Seattle's offense and Denver's defense?

Seattle isn't an offense-first team, obviously, but that doesn't mean the offense is terrible. By no means is the offense explosive; however, the offense does do the job necessary to have success: keep the ball and rule the clock. Seattle has been fantastic at retaining possession all year, and that will have to continue if the team wants to have a shot at winning Sunday. Denver's defense has been great in spurts, but by no means is the defense elite.

Final prediction: 31-27 Denver. Peyton's leadership will outweigh Russell Wilson's and the offensive firepower as a whole will just be too much for Seattle's defense.