MSN is reporting that Sweden is worried about a "swimming raccoon invasion".  It must be nice that as the worlds economies fall apart, your main concern is "bandit" doing the backstroke across the pond.  More after the jump.I had no idea that raccoons were not indigenous to Europe. It kind of shows you how self-centered we are. There's probably people in Australia who can't believe we don't have Kangaroo's jumping up and down Main Street.

The Swedes fear that the raccoons will upset the current ecosystem and bring an invasion of imported rabies. What the Swedes are failing to take into account is how cute it is when the raccoons give you a "high-five" with their tiny little fingers. They also don't know how much a new raccoon community will bring down the cost of "coon-skin" caps.  This of it, before you know it we could have a whole bunch of guys name "Davey Lars Svenson-Crockett.  There's just too much of an upside to a raccoon invasion if you ask me.

Anyways, how far can a raccoon swim? Is this a "real" concern or did they just get tired of staring at cheese over there.  Here's the entire story if you care to check it out,

and believe it or not, I found some videos of swimming raccoons.