Jess and I were walking through Hastings today and I came across a certain action figure that reminded me just how awesome this character is and was when it comes to gaming.

I have played all all the Twisted Metal's but the TM that sticks out has to be Twisted Metal "Black." That game was the most demented of the series. Such background detail went into all the characters of TM "Black" that it was gaming genius, but so disturbing at the same time.

I mean c'mon now the story with the Priest was insane! After I played through that scene I had to turn the lights on and take a second look around the room. I am very very stoked for Oct 4th of this year when we get to relive our favorite characters in one of the greatest franchise games of all time, Twisted Metal.

Enjoy the official trailer of the new PS3 Twisted Metal Broken in stores Oct. 4th

Oh, and I bought the Sweet Tooth action figure.