Hungarian Basketball Team Rocks The Hoops [VIDEO]
This is a video from a Hungarian Trick Basketball Squad that specializing in acrobatic, trampoline assisted slams.  Imagine the Harlem Globetrotters with trampolines.  Well, they may even be a bit hipper than that, but the spinning tricks do bring them to mind. More after the jump.
NCAA Basketball Report: 2012 Final Four Preview
The 2012 Final Four includes four NCAA basketball programs that have each won at least one national championship in its history. In total, Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State, Kansas have 49 Final Four appearances and 13 NCAA basketball titles between them.
The 12 Best Teams That Didn’t Win the NCAA Tournament
Not every great college basketball team wins the NCAA tournament. Some incredible college teams have suffered heartbreaking losses only to win the NCAA tournament title the following year (1973 North Carolina State, 1975 Indiana, 1982 Georgetown). Other championship teams have lost in an attempt at …

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