Will Ferrell Intros The Hornets Bulls Game [VIDEO]
Will Ferrell took his turn at the mic to introduce the players for the New Orleans Hornets/Chicago Bulls game. He took jabs at pretty much all the players and the video is pretty much funny all the way through. Click through to check it out
Wedding Proposal Gone Bad at UCLA Basketball Game [VIDEO]
I don't get what is so romantic about dudes that propose to their girlfriends in a big public way. I get that a marriage proposal is supposed to be a huge deal, but dudes that decide to ask a chick to marry them in front of huge crowds at sporting events are just... dumb!
Best Christmas Day Performances in NBA History
Christmas Day has always served as a traditional showcase for the best players – and teams – of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Due to a labor dispute between the players' union and owners that was not resolved until last month, the NBA will open its 2011-12 schedule on D…
Dallas Is Ready To Have Their Champions Back [VIDEO]
Most people don't know the feeling of having a championship team in their town. It creates an energy and electricity all it's own. It joins people and the town together in a way that crosses so many socioeconomic boundaries.  The worst of enemies can sit across form each other in a bar and become fr…
Wanna Play Basketball For the Red Raiders?
You could be a high flying, slam dunking, Red Raider round baller! Well, I guess you need to have talent and you need to meet NCAA guidelines and stuff, but you could be a part of the team.
Yao Ming Retires After Injury-Plagued Career
Oft-injured Houston Rockets center Yao Ming has informed the NBA he has retired after eight seasons in the league. Yahoo! Sports first reported the news.
The top pick in the 2002 draft was an eight-time all-star, despite averaging just 48 games in each of the last five seasons. Yao appeared in only f…

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