Kool Smiles Bringing Back Operation Troop Treats to Lubbock
Kool Smiles for Kids is bringing back a great event for the 6th year.
Operation Troop Treats encourages Lubbock kids to bring in their candy to donate for troops overseas. In exchange, kids will get a toy for their candy.
From Kool Smiles:
"Operation Troop Treats promotes good dental health an…
Are You Ready For “The Tower Of Sour”?
So Big comes in to tell me about "Crazybones" suckers.  They're cool.  They're regular lollipops except the stick looks like a skeletal leg or arm.  I'm thinking, cool, I'll Google this and see if I can get some for this Halloween.  I found t…
The Greatest Thing Ever Has Happened!
I made a brief visit to the convenience story the other morning and had a brief WTF? moment.  That moment quickly turned to one of elation and yes, desire.  More after the jump.
The Five Best Easter Candies
Yes I'm an expert on a lot of things.  One of them is "Easter Candies".  Easter is the holiday with the best candies, mostly because a lot of them, but not all, are chocolate based.  Think about it, Halloween is cheap candy, Christmas is peppermint and stuff (and you can get those at Soni…