Danzig Calls Out A Fan Live On Stage [VIDEO/NSFW]
It's no surprise to anyone that Glenn Danzig isn't the nicest of people but this video is just ridiculous, a fan is filming some of the set with his phone and Danzig calls him out to get punch by some of the other people in the crowd.
Danzig, The Pornstar? [VIDEO]
According to theprp.com Glenn Danzig has signed on for Thomas Mignone‘s movie portrayal of 70/80's pornstar, Vanessa Del Rio and I have your details here.
Green Day cover The Misfits For Metallica [VIDEO]
Metallica turned 30 this week. They did a series of intimate live shows to celebrate the anniversary. At 1 of these live shows they had Glenn Danzig onstage to perform some of the famous Misfits covers they've done. So Green Day, wanting to wish them happy 30th, covered a Misfits song for a vid…
Danzig Gets Knocked Out! [VIDEO] NSFW
If you behave like a dick, it's gonna come back on you. Violence is never the answer, but if Danzig pushes you, you gotta knock his ass out! Check it after the jump and be warned there is some naughty language.