New Texas Drivers Required to Take Distracted Driving Class
If you are 18-24 or over 24 and have never had a license in Texas you now get to take yet another course.
The Texas DPS is now requiring all new licensees to take a two-hour online course in distracted driving.  Distracted driving has become a huge problem in the last few years thanks to cell ph…
In Most Cases, Servers Of Drunk Drivers Should Not Be Prosectued
I am sorry to those of you who have lost someone to drunk driving. It is probably one of the most unnecessary, sad and frustrating ways to lose someone, whether they were the ones that were drunk or whether they were hit by someone who was. I have no problem with drunk drivers being prosecuted, I do…
Failure To Stop And Render Aid
As you may have imagined, today has not been the best day for me. It almost got better, I almost got to choke the living sh@t out of someone. Read more after the break.

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