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Gigantour, Part 8 [PIX]
Well this is our last blast of pix from Gigantour.  This is a pretty fitting conclusion to the series as it's a little heavy on the BLS and Megadeth shots.
Gigantour, Part 7 [PIX]
Here's gallery number seven of eight for the Gigantour. This has been an incredible ride. Something about this show made for amazing pics.  Take a look at what we have here after the jump and make sure you come back tomorrow for the final installment.
Gigantour, Part 6 [PIX]
Here's gallery number six of eight for the Gigantour. Somebody's dad isn't going to be happy with the booby grabbing going on here! You know that was a camera pointed at you, didn't you missy? There's great shots of a hot crowd here plus some Hellyeah and more. Check it ou…
Gigantour, Part 5 [PIX]
Who's excited about more Gigantour pix? This guy! We hope you're excited too. This is gallery five of eight. While all these galleries are mixed up a bit, this one is heavy on Device and Hellyeah (plus shots of you guys. Check it!
Here's gallery number four of eight for the Gigantour.  These pics are stunning.  Get a big glass of ice water to throw into your eyes they're so hot. Then get another glass to pour into your lap.
Okay, we have SERIOUS Gigantour pictures. In fact this is just the third of eight in a series. We had two hotshots on the scene for this show and they both delivered some poster quality images.
We have great band shots, great crowd shots and great portraits of listeners rockin' out at Gigantour.…