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Green Day to Release Documentary On Past Album
We all remember how big Green Day got back a decade ago. Hits like "Holiday" and "American Idiot" were all over the radio not only here but all around the world. A documentary for the album that spawned those singles is on the way, too.
Lars Ulrich Wants Metallica to Tour With U2 and Green Day
Metallica, U2 and Green Day are three of the biggest bands in the world in different genres. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich reveals in a new interview that he'd like the three titans to team up for a tour, and apparently the other bands could be up for it, as well.
Green Day In Legos Perform “She” [VIDEO]
It's almost turned into a cottage industry, redoing stuff in Legos.  The Lego video games (Lego Star Wars, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, etc are big hits).  Now, some random dude has done an animated video of Green Day doing the classic "She".  More after the jump.
Ultimate Album Collection #6: Green Day “Dookie”
I remember when the single "Longview" dropped at radio. My comments to my friends was "I love this, but I don't know if our listeners will".  I was wrong, very wrong.  "Dookie" is the greatest selling punk rock album of all time.&n…

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