Wes’s Woman Crush Wednesday: Jamie Pressly [PIC]
Do I get a "woman crush Wednesday"?  I think I have a little something to offer to the conversation. I pick a little different and even pick a little more mature. My first pick goes to the glorious beauty, Jamie Pressly.
This Hottie Will Whoop Your Ass: Leila Lewis [PIX]
The beautiful Tasha Nikole promised me that she'd introduce FMX listeners to some of her model friends and MAN DID SHE DELIVER!  This hottie hails from Amarillo and fights MMA and WATCH OUT, so does the rest of her family. I actually gasped when I saw the second picture in this set. Wow!
The Beautiful Bongo Butt Jam [VIDEO]
For some reason this was listed under "Harlem Shake Sexy Collection", but it has nothing to do with the recent phenomenon. It does however deal with the ancient phenomenon of wanting to spank four fine tushes just because you can. More after the break.
Pimp Talk With White Chocolate
People are throwing around the term "wifey' these days.  Now, the definition may seem a little obvious, but I thought I'd spell it out for you street level pimps so that someday you may be able to join me in the penthouse.  More after the jump.
Guess That Breast #18
Are you ready for more of the new hottness?  How about another edition of the ORIGINAL "Guess That Breast"?  You mission is to really study they lovely lady lumps and try to decide who they belong to.  Even if you don't know, you're a winner, because you go…
Guess That Breast #13 [PIX]
Everybody's jumpin' on my jock, but this is the original "Guess That Breast".  The game is simple. Study the breasts in question (take as long as you need to), formulate a guess, or don't, then click through and find out what lady works as a support system for t…