Jacoby Shaddix

Things Looking Better For Papa Roach Front Man
A few weeks ago I told you guys that Papa Roach front man, Jacoby Shaddix, was about to under go surgery to remove a nod from his vocal cords. The diagnosis forced the guys to put their upcoming tour promoting their new album The Connection ( out on October 2) on hold for a while.
Shaddix Posts To Facebook About His Recovery
So, yesterday I told you all that Jacoby was scheduled to have the nod on his vocal cords removed. Not only has he already had the surgery but he has also already taken to his Facebook page to let fans know how he is doing.
Papa Roach Back in the Studio [VIDEO]
The other night our FMX I.T. guy and Woody got into a Papa Roach discussion, I was not sitting next to either of them but the way "Woody" was grinning I KNEW the conversation had to be about what an amazing lover I am, or Papa Roach.
Papa Roach: New CD In The Works [VIDEO]
Back in August when Woody and I made the trip to the Dallas area for the opening night of the Rock of Allegiance Tour featuring Papa Roach, Jacoby told us that they had already started work on writing some "Bad ass new stuff