jimmy kimmel

How Would You Like A Box Of Maggots For Valentines Day? [VIDEO]
Jimmy Kimmel continues his pranksterism. This time he left the kids out of the picture and had men prank their wives and girlfriends. The goal was to give them a 'really terrible Valentines gift". The men responded with things that would get me kicked out of the house for a couple of m…
Jimmy Kimmels “Kid Clothes Challenge”
Kimmel has parents pranking their kids once again. This time the prank follows a 'back to school theme' and is good for a few laughs.  Check out the kids reactions and they are given ridiculous and in some cases wildly inappropriate clothes and told they have to wear them on the first…
Jimmy Kimmel With Hollywood Hotties [AUDIO]
Jimmy Kimmel filmed this fake info-mercial. Watch all the way through to see your favorite starlets get sweaty and hump exercise balls. It's getting a little naughty in here after the jump.