Komen Reverses Funding Cuts to Planned Parenthood
Earlier this week, the Susan G. Komen For the Cure foundation said it was cutting funds for breast cancer screenings conducted at Planned Parenthood facilities — and a remarkable firestorm of negative publicity followed.
On Friday, the nation’s largest breast-cancer advocacy age…
“Rock The Pink” With The Rockshow
Hey,  everybody! In case you don't look at the credits, it's Wes here on behalf of the RockShow. We talk about hot women and weird stuff on the radio. We thought that since we pay so much attention to women that it would be easy to step up as spokespersons for breast cancer.
The Race For The Cure Is October 1st
It's time to get your teni-runners and pink shirt ready; the Race For The Cure is next Saturday. You can help in the fight against Breast Cancer in a number of ways-and YOU don't actually have to run.  Read more after the break.