Will Problem Solving Session Fix LP&L and Water Issues? Nope!
On Thursday, August 10th, the Lubbock City Council met to discuss a wide range of topics. And you better believe the issues involving LP&L and the City Water Department were brought up by angry citizens.
Citizens are not happy with the huge increases in their bills – electric, water, or…
Just When You Thought Your LP&L Bill Was High Enough
So everyone is unhappy with their LP&L bill for whatever reason, myself included. But it looks like the next fiscal year will bring what LP&L claims is one final rate increase.
For the fiscal year 2017-2018, expect a 5 percent increase in rates. This i...
Dear LP&L-Can You Give Us A Heads Up?
I'm not an LP& L hater. In fact, I find most of the people who are 'haters' start the hate with something like "I was just 'x' amount late on the bill."  Guess what?  Don't pay your bill late. The world does not owe you electricity. E…

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