South Plains Amateur Mixed Martial Arts This Saturday
Mixed martial arts are all the rage and we've got a booming scene here on the South Plains. This Saturday night the Fairpark Coliseum will rock as Spamma presents a full card of fights. SPAMMA brings in a hexagon to give amateur fighters and fight fans an incredible display of mixed martial art…
You Should Choose Who You’re Going To Carjack Carefully [AUDIO]
Everybody talks about how hard it is to be a victim.  What about the thieves out there?  Some of them are getting into very dangerous situations without know it. What? You say they deserve it? We do too!  Find out more after the jump, and SEE a picture of what happened to the thief
Tony Bonello On Shark Fights [AUDIO]
We love having MMA/Bully Beatdown star Tony "The Gun" Bonello on the show.  The guy has a true passion for fight sports. He's also a very funny guy.  Check out our interview on the other side.
King Of The Cage [VIDEO]
King of the Cage comes To Lubbock. We couldn't be more excited to have this veteran promotion making it's way to the Hub City. The event will happen at the Lubbock Civic Center. Click through to find out more information on the big King of the Cage matches in Lubbock.
Ring Girl Contest Tonight
The Rock Show will be hosting the South Plains Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Ring Girl contest tonight. The winning lady scores $100 and will be the "face" of SPAMMA. Ladies are asked to be at Bash Riprock 2 (19th and I-27) by 6 p.m. tonight (Friday the 21st).  Details after t…

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