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Golden Spork Awards #1
I wanted to come up with a feature that talks about the best of the best in fast food. I think it's been used, but get ready for my own "Golden Spork" awards.
Goodbye Shae Reed
A lot of us have lost a very good friend. I hope her death will at least leave everyone a little more caring and a little more careful.
Rock Show Photo Bombs Wichita Falls [PICS]
The term "photobomb" usually applies to someone sneaking into a picture and doing something silly in the background. With the Rock Show, any picture they put their ugly mugs in is a "photobomb". These are from the Avalanche Tour in Wichita Falls. The basic cast of characters a…
Calvin Kline Controversy [PIC]
Some are claiming that Calvin is putty a subliminal dirty word in it's latest billboard campaign. Can you see it? More after the jump.

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