rooster and doug

The Twerk Cup Flip With Rooster And Doug
As I was checking out some videos, I came across a video of some ladies that had cups on their booty and then they would twerk and the cup would flip and stay on their booty. I just couldn't stand it, I had to call Doug and have him hold the camera so I could try.
Canada Day With GG Allin [NSFW]
Canada Day is the national day of Canada and who better than GG Allin and Doug to talk about and give you some interesting facts about our neighbors to the north.
2 Sure Bets Gone Wrong [VIDEO]
Earlier today I told a story that involved a sure bet that I made and when I came up on the losing end, well my bet has haunted me for a few months now. A listener called in as well and told his sure bet story and his is pretty epic as well.
The Stench Of The 3rd Floor Bathroom
If you are familiar with the movie "The Labyrinth" starring David Bowie then you are familiar with 'The Bog Of Internal Stench' and if you could put that into real life, well Doug and I can say yes there is a place.

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