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Corey Taylor Gets His Freak On! [VIDEO]
Now when it comes to Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, I will support him no matter what, well at least when it comes to ghosts. Me personally I don't like ghosts or want anything to do with them cause they freak me out, but Corey Taylor is into them and he lists off his favorite ghost m…
Corey Taylor Answers Questions At The Download Festival [VIDEO]
Here's a chance to 'bone up' on your Corey Taylor trivia. An off screen interviewer asks Corey some of the most talked about facets of Corey's life. Corey is, of course, very forthcoming (he always is). Find out about his nicknames and his love of Elvis and Bill Cosby in this …
A Huge Day For Rock Record Releases [VIDEO]
Call it coincidence or poor planning, but ALL the good stuff hits record stores today.  Today, you can get the new Stone Sour, Volbeat, Device (David Draimans Band) and Drowning Pool.  Holy snikeys that's a lot of music to put in your face!  More after the jump.

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