D.C. Announces Joint Batman/Superman Series
It's a nerdgasm!  This June D.C. comics pairs up their two biggest icons for a new series of comic books. Believe it or not, D.C. comics didn't call me, because I don't like the idea.  More after the jump.
Select Your Superhero In “Injustice: Gods Among US”.
Man, this looks like a smokin' game. It should be called "D.C. Superhero's all up in you business Mortal Combat Freaky Styley". I guess that name might have been a bit long, but just watching this trailer will give you goosebumps. More after the jump.
Watch “Super Golden Friends” Here!
This is quick and easy and worth a smile.  Some our favorite superheros (all DC if that matters to comic book geeks) are visiting at an old age home.  It's really just the "Golden Girls" with all superheros.  There's no plot, no real story line, just the &a…