things you can't unhear

Man Gets Very Special Obituary [AUDIO]
What will you be known for? Will it be achievements, your love of family or something else. We have a pretty weird "something else" for the guy in our story.
The Rich Get Disgustingly Richer [AUDIO]
Do you think life is even marginally fair? What do you think about all those prayers from people who NEED to win the lottery in order to keep eating.  Wait until you hear the story on the other side.
Bachmann-German For “Dumbass” [AUDIO]
Welcome to the RockShow Threesome.  We have fun from all four corners of the globe, which begs the question, "how can a globe have corners"?  Now we're just confused.  Please listen to our morning doodies.
Short Penis Syndrome-Rockshow Threesome 4.29.11 [AUDIO]
I hope you realize the sacrifices I make for you. In order to find the funny graphic, I had to type "short penis" into a search engine. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY DON'T EVER TRY THAT YOURSELF. Hear the story after the jump.