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Man Catches House On Fire Trying To Kill A Spider
As we all know by now if you see it on the internet it must be true...Right? Another thing that is universally true is spiders suck and if you're afraid of them you will do one of two things whenever you see one.
14-Year Old Sets House On Fire In Florida
Here's some odd news out of Florida (like that's really new). A 14-year old girl set her house on fire and authorities state that the girl said it was "for Slender Man" who is a fictional video game character.
I’d Like You To Meet My New Pet…Cabbage? [VIDEO]
Some folks love kittens, some love dogs; either way most of us have a weakness for some type of animal in our lives. With today's fast paced way of living some times we don't have the time or energy by the end of the day to really connect with friends or even family.

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