(Note: this caption picture does NOT represent the target shooting company mentioned in this story.) Since the answer to all the mass shootings in America is obviously more guns, then why not have everybody ready to blast away from a chopper over your neighborhood.

This is from Denton, TX, which is no surprise since all the ridiculous gun stories we've heard recently are coming out of Texas. A company in Denton has opened a shooting range where you shoot at your targets while flying over them at low levels in a helicopter. That's not really a big deal to me, except for the fact that other people also live around where the gun range is and now have choppers flying around their houses with random people firing high powered rifles out of them.

Of course the company says there's no danger because of their flying patterns and the shooters are always aiming down-range at the targets.

That's fine and dandy except that:
1. Helicopters have to turn around in 360 degrees when flying,
2. People holding guns can turn their bodies,
3. Bullets fired from random angles can ricochet and fly in any direction,
4. Just because they go to a gun range doesn't mean they're not crazy and might start shooting all over the place,
5. Helicopters crash,
6. Helicopters crash a lot,
7. Other people live right by the gun range, not miles away, but where the choppers are actually flying over their property,
8. Oh and the gun range people didn't tell anybody that they were doing it, so one day the neighbors woke up to the sounds of a helicopter and bullets flying. Kind of like waking up in a war-zone. That's a fun breakfast conversation to have with the kids!

So yeah, again, gun people have gone and done something stupid again with zero regard for anybody else. Want to fly around in a helicopter and shoot crap? Do it miles and miles away from where other people are, or are going to be!