Great timing Tech! Let's wait until the economy is in the crapper, then raise rates!  Holy smokes, at a time when people could really use a leg up on life, along come the carpetbaggers to kick you down the ladder again.  Even worst than the tuition though, is the fees.  They "fee" you to death based on whatever you interests are.  It's to the point that you have to have a masters degree to figure out what it costs to be a freshman (now that's a dilemma).  More after the jump.

There was little something in  the news not long ago that really caught my ear; prices have reached such a level that if you have to take out student loans to go to college, you most likely won't ever reach a level of income that will make it worth it.  In other words, if you go straight into the work force into a lower paying job, you will net more money over the course of your lifetime than someone who has to pay student loans back.  Now, all of this changes if you work your way through college or have a rich family member to help pay costs up front, but the math on a college education is truly sad.

What absolutely KILLS me after that is, for the rest of your life that same college will make you feel indebted to it and constantly hit you up for "donations".  Here's a better idea: your kindergarten and grade school (hopefully) taught you to read which made EVERYTHING else in your life possible, why not donate to them? It seems silly doesn't it?  Yet, I recently visited a grade school and their library was out of the 70's.  I personally think a "good start" on an education is much better than a "good finish". Add to that that most people don't even end up in a field directly related to their degree and it just seems like a big waste to me. I highly recommend that you look into the field you want to be in and see if there are internships, paid or unpaid that may actually give you a jump start on your career.

What are your thoughts?  Is college even affordable any more?  How many of your graduates are saying right now "thank goodness I went to college" and how many are saying "what a waste, and now I have to pay these loans back".  Most importantly, are there any of you saying "ENOUGH" to all of the increases?