To me, the low point of the season was not last weeks lost to O.U., it was when (generally) underclassman rushed the field during games that really didn't matter much at the time.  Well. we're now 7-1 and back at home, so what do we do?

John Weast/Getty Images

So you basically have two home games left, O.S.U. and K.U. (you can call the game with Baylor a "home game" all you want, but it's not here). That means chances to celebrate with the Red Raiders are running out.  It's DUMB at the beginning of the season.  Now that we've established ourselves, let's look at just a few things.

*We're 7-1 overall, and 4-1 in Big 12.

*We're 15th ranked and OSU is 18th ranked.

*We're 4th in the Big 12 and even a win may not move us up in the standings (please correct me if I'm wrong here).

So, at this point, it's a "coin flip" as to a whether a big celebration is in order.  It's really going to come down to the way this particular game unfolds, and not the big picture.  I'd say that unless we orchestra some kind of come from behind win in the last quarter, we just pick these Cowboy/Okies up, dust 'em off, thank them for a good game and get ready for the next one.