Our record is 60-0. Not bad for a little rock station in Lubbock, Texas. Thanks to the good people of the Hub and South Plains, KFMX has never been beaten by any radio station playing rock or anything close to rock. To paraphrase the movie "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead", "we're Godzilla and they're Tokyo". More after the jump.

It's "rare air" up here, but we try to stay modest.  When we first started there were some business that we're afraid to advertise and some people who were afraid to listen to "that devil rock station".  I still remember, I had just moved to Texas from Southern California where I had my choice of four rock stations to Union/Brownfield Texas. You can imagine the culture shock.  All of this was made worse because my first love has always been music.  Then, after a very short period of time, KLBK-FM made the flip to KFMX and it was like a heavy metal rainbow punched through the clouds.  It was shortly after that that I started coming up to the station begging the boss for a job.  I was sure I was better than at least some of the people on the radio (I wasn't).  He finally gave me a break (a favor I've tried to repay dozens of times) and the rest is history.

As P.D. of the station, I feel like I'm the "keeper of the flame". I don't have any illusions about being a great talent or entertainer, in fact it's usually quite the opposite.  What I usually try to remember is that a lot of people would kill to do what I do and I should do my best in honor of them. That's it, that's all.  Just have the kind of fun that most people would have if they had this chance. I hope this has come through on the air.

Right now, I believe we have the best morning show we've ever had.  Not the best players or best talent, just the best combination of personality and rock. I think the quality of the rest of the staff is unquestioned and it's rare these days for a radio station to add a live personality but Rooster earned it and he rocks.

As for the format, we are as we always have been. We haven't changed, people have.  We've always played certain percentages of new stuff to not-so-new-stuff, to older stuff to old stuff. It's just the new stuff keeps pushing stuff down the line and eventually pushes the oldest of the old stuff off the other end.  That's as simple as it gets.

So from me personally, and from all those great d.j.s from the past and present, we thank you for giving us this unblemished record and we look forward to continuing it through another three decades.