I don't really have a problem with slang, in fact I've contributed a few words of my own to the "Urban Dictionary".  For some reason, the current use of the word "swag" has always bothered me.  I think the main reason is that people who described themselves or other as having "swag" are actually promoting douchey behavior.  Let's say a guy is really dressed up and tops his suit off with a few medals.  Some people would call that little extra touch "swag" and I would certainly call it douchey.  I could give examples all day.

So I promised you the death of "swag" here.  Well I did always hate the word, but the precise moment of the words death, the moment where it no longer had any chance of turning itself around, the moment it went mainstream and therefore loss any chance what-so-ever of meaning anything cool was at 9:37 Tuesday morning.   At that precise moment I saw a commercial for a very prominent family breakfast restaurant where the actor took a bite, then looked at the camera and said "these waffles have swag".

When you describe a breakfast item invented sometime before 1725 as having "swag", you are seriously overusing the term "swag" and seriously adding some unnecessary hyperbole to the waffle selling game.

Even the Urban Dictionary hates the word now.

And I found out that I'm not the only one that's noticed this. Someone actually has already reposted the spot on YouTube.