I couldn't help but wonder what the next doomsday scenario would be after the "Mayan Calendar" thing. Well it's here, and for a small price you can get some info that will make you crap yourself and get right with the lord.

I didn't even want to pass this on, but it's big on the web right now and it's important to "get out in front" of these things. I personally don't see the fascination with finding these doomsday scenarios and scaring people for no good reason. Well, I understand the motivation, just not the fascination. The motivation is to either get you to send money or to bring you around to their particular brand of religion (which inevitably will result in you sending money). I myself don't really believe in good and evil, but if there is evil, it's the people who put this nonsense out there whether they believe themselves or not.

Just in my life I've survived Pat Robertson's 1982 prediction, Y2K, The planets lining up, the Mayan Calender "running out", Haley's Comet, 12.12.12, a Nostradamus date, several evangelists dates, alcohol being legalized in Lubbock  and probably more scenarios that I can't remember.  No one knows the future, especially not the people who were still wiping their butts with their hands 1900 years ago when these "prophesies" were supposedly written.

Here's the video. It's a laugher!