I know some of you were MacGyver fans back in the day.  I hate to break this to you, but the show doesn't really hold up that well.  At lot of the stunts were lame, the devices were ridiculous and somethings were just implausible.  More after the break.


I remember an interview from way back when.  The producers of MacGyver were asked how real some of his quickie 'inventions' were, and they responded that they always left a little thing or two out for safety.  For example they didn't want you to make poison gas with Poprocks, Coke and two other things, so they left one out.  After watching this, I can't believe they were ever asked, or even answered that question. This video presents some of MacGyvers more ridiculous moments.  My favorite is how he and the horse are airlifted at the same time.   Here you go, it's "The MacGyver" song.