Holy Smokes!  We stay out of politics on the FMX page; what we do is try to keep you on top of what's trending.  This video from the show "The Newsroom" is trending so hot, it's unavoidable.   One of the reasons it's screaming across the internet is the basis for the whole 'bit' is the "Voter I.D." laws (which I have to agree is a solution for a nearly nonexistent problem).  The "Voter I.D." law was recently struck down in Texas, and this actually uses quotes from Governor Rick Perry.  More after the jump.

This is from a FICTIONAL show, but it backs up it's facts in the real world pretty well.  You don't have to agree with any of this.  Heck, you don't even have to watch it.  It's just my belief that you should have a CHANCE to watch it since it's hotter than a two dollar pistol being fired uphill.  If you're a "Tea Party" Republican, you can go ahead and write it off as "Hollywood Propaganda" right now. There's no sense in getting up in arms over a t.v. show (unless it ticked you off when Russ & Rachael broke up on "Friends").

Once again, I probably would not have posted this, but it's in the top five trending videos right now, so you can decide to either see it or ignore it here, or somewhere else. The fact this, right or wrong, someone was going to shove this video in front of you, I'm just giving you a chance to see it first.