Food Beast is reporting that several franchises are flirting with waffles.  Just imagine your favorite breakfast foods in a folded waffle instead of bread. Yes it's a recipe for yum.  More after the break.


One of my favorite things in the world for breakfast is my "waffle hammy".  I toast two Eggo's or other frozen waffles, butter 'em em and slam a piece of ham (and sometimes cheese) in the middle and I'm in taste heaven.  I guess I'm not that unique because several fast food franchises are thinking about or actually testing waffle oriented sandwiches.  The most interesting of these comes from Taco Bell. Yes, I said Taco Bell.  Apparently an Orange County Taco Bell is ground zero for the testing of a "waffle taco".  I kind of find this odd since the Taco Bells around here don't even do breakfast burritos, but maybe this new item will give them a good reason to open early.  Check out this picture of the "Waffle Taco".  It apparently features eggs, sausage and a little syrup on the side.