I'm over "The Oscars" and have been for years.  Quit trying to church it up by saying "I only want to see what people are wearing".  Why should ANYBODY watch a bunch of overpaid, overprivileged people pat each other on the back for no apparent reason?  Let's also add to the fact that Hollywood doesn't really care what you like, they have some high notion that they're making "art" instead of just play acting.  Okay, that's my grumble, the best picture nominees are next.

Of all the "Best Picture" Oscar nominees, there is ONE that I'm interested in.  I'm interested in Moneyball for the science they used in real life to change the sport of baseball (I don't even care about the baseball, just the science they used).  Other than "Moneyball", you couldn't pay me to sit down and watch the rest.  So here you go:  Hugo, The Descendants, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Help, The Artist, Midnight In Paris, The Tree Of Life and the aforementioned "Moneyball".  It's also important to note that many people have asked for their money back after finding out that "The Artist" is a silent film.  Yeah, how arty!


How about you?  Could you give a sh!t?  How about two?