Do you want something from a snack machine?  Maybe you need to do a load of laundry?  USA Today is reporting that the T.S.A. raked in about $410,000.00 in forgotten change. People are just forgetting their "jingle-jangle" after passing through the metal detectors.  Officials with the T.S.A. say every attempt is made to reunite people with their property, but this 410k still remained.  So what will happen with the money?  Details on that next.

Allowing the T.S.A. to keep the money would represent a serious conflict of interest (do you want people who benefit from the money in charge of giving it back?  No. )  A Florida Congressman is proposing that the money go to the U.S.O. to fund their worldwide welcome centers for military personnel.  All in all, I can't say that's a bad day, but let's also consider WHY we are going through the extra security.  Could we just buy a 41oK bomb and drop it on the Taliban?  So what do you think should be done with the money?  Bombs, refunds, charity?  Who would you donate the 410K to?