Are you ready for the best burger in the history of drive-thru burgers?  It has nothing to do with "white chocolate" as an ingredient, it's just MY favorite burger taken to another level.  Are you ready to rock your taste buds?  More after the jump.


The absolute best drive-thru burger is the "Green Chili Double" from Whataburger.  So now you're saying 'yes Wes the Green Chili Double is certainly sublime, but this is not news' .  "Ah!" I say, "you have fell into the web of partial heaven, there is true glory around the corner".  Here's the deal.  Whataburger now has salsa verde available.  They advertise it for the breakfast burritos and whatnot, but it's available all the time.  Adding just one packet of salsa verde to the Green Chili Double's buttery bread makes it slide down just a little bit better and adds and extra zip of spiciness.

My hillbilly friends like to use the term 'BOOSH'.  It's like 'voila' plus 'booya' plus 'hellyeah'.  "Boosh" you're next Green Chili Double with the salsa verde and you'll thank me later.