This week's lineup is why I love the Cockfight! We pick 2 bands that you love and let yall thrash it out either by twitter, facebook or the our hotline number. (806) 770-KFMX. i knew that we were doing yall dirty by putting All That Remains against Bullet For My Valentine. Both have outstanding credentials in their studio work and their live performances.

When All That Remains took the stage outside at Cactus Courtyard this last time they were here, it was one of the best live shows I have seen. Phil Labonte is a beast on the mic. After that show All That Rermains left a stamp on peoples mind on why they are so good live.








As soon as I heard BFMV was coming to the hub along with A7X, I would say I was one of the first ones to say BFMV will up stage A7X. I said it for weeks! And when the show arrived i was not disappointed. Granted A7X had the flames and all that. But BFMV didnt need any of that! That is why Bullet For My Valentine will continue to be such a huge band when it comes to a live show!

I really didnt know who was going to come out on top! But with a huge push the People have spoken and the winner of this week's Cockfight is Bullet For My Valentine!