The hard rock and metal game of 'I harder than you' is ridiculous and running rampant these days. Like a bad new wave haircut from the 80's, it'll come back to embarrass you in the future.

Take a moment from your perspective and think of Gene Simmons, Nikki Sixx or even Glen Danzig.  At one point in history they were all considered to be some of the biggest, heaviest badasses in rock.  And what are all these fine gentlemen considered now, that's right, douchebags.  Being 'hard' or 'hardcore' matters when you're a teenager and you're trying to find your place in a tough world, but after you hit your twenties, you just kind of look silly. Are you wondering why this happens? Well first off, the true badasses of the world don't have to show it (Navy Seals, people with enough money to PAY to have you beat up  and such). Next, it just doesn't matter.

So where is all this leading? It has happened since the beginning of time, but I just hate all the teen posing and posturing. The most disappointing thing is when your 'hard' friends discourage you from doing the things you want to do or liking the things you want to like. I hope some of you will take heart in this and pursue the things that make you happy. Your 'tough guy' poseur friends will just turn into old douches anyways.