The President will address congress tonight. This is one of those nationally broadcast speeches that would be much better left on the news channels or in excerpt form tomorrow.  With that in mind it got me thinking about what you could do in 40 minutes.

Love him or hate him, why let the President ruin 40 minutes of your life.  Here's some suggestions for what you can do during that time.

  • Cook a standard pot pie
  • Have Sex (four times or more)
  • Enjoy four beers outside on the porch
  • Teach your dog to sit
  • Smoke A Cigar
  • Listen to most of AC/DC's "Back In Black" album
  • Put rope, a shovel, garbage bags in neighbors trunk. Sprinkle with ketchup.  Call cops and sit back and watch the fun.
  • Play pretty much a full game of half court basketball
  • Watch five episodes of "Squidbillies"
  • Build your character one level in Warcraft
  • Paint one wall
  • Learn to play "Smoke On the Water" using cups of water filled to different levels
  • Decorate your house for Halloween
  • Count the change in your change jar, you'll be needing it soon (and you better start digging change out of the couch while you're at it).