Tool will be celebrating the reissue of their classic "Opiate" and for 5 very lucky people the album that they will buy it have a little something extra entitled "Seal Of Xatanitos" and I have your details here.

"Opiate" will be celebrating 21 years of being an EP. Now Tool will be releasing only 5000 copies through Toolband.comand only 5 will have "The Golden Ticket" so to speak of and will have a March 26th release date.


The details on what exactly comes with "Seal Of Xatanitos" will only be known by 5 that win it. That is really cool and I will be picking up the copy for the chance at it.

When it comes to Tool, I have been a fan but the EP "Opiate" is one of my all time favorites. Let me know what your favorite Tool album is and enjoy some old school Tool.