The Chili Peps continue to release unused tracks from the "I'm With You" sessions. This would be single number 5 of 9. More after the jump.

When you listen to the music in the background, you can definitely here traces or echos of Pink Floyd. There just something very reminiscent of Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" in the guitars.

As a huge Chili's fan, I find this stuff interesting but almost wish they wouldn't release it.  On many of these songs there's some really good ideas that I wish they'd explore for future releases instead of just chucking.  To me, it seems that a most artists have a creative reservoir and they can tap it out if they're not careful. In other words,  I hope putting all these ideas out  there now doesn't leave them with a lack of ideas later.  Anyways, this is a pretty good track, but at the same time you can kind of tell why it didn't make the album.

The B side to this B side is called "Your Eyes Girl".  It's even less of a fleshed out idea.