Monday nights, FMX and Hooters have it going on for football, beer and the wings. We have gone old school and busted out the classic FMX finger goal kicking contest and Hooters does the Monday night blitz, offering up all-you-can-eat nearly world famous boneless wings, and ice cold beers served up by the lovely Hooters girls.

This year, we give you and nine of your friends a chance to hang upstairs in the FMX/Hooters VIP area. Enjoy your very own Hooters girl, some wings; and the Budweiser girls will have a surprise or two for you and your buds. To qualify, tune in Monday-Friday between 2-7p, and you could be the big winner.

Payton Manning, played un-Manning type football last night as Denver went down in Atlanta 27-21. Darren P. and nine of his freinds enjoyed free wings and prizes upstairs in the FMX/Hooters VIP room. It could be you next Monday night.

Next week, get ready for the Packers/Seahawks, and on 10/1 it's the Bears and Cowboys.