Welcome back students. I hope you have a great year in Lubbock and I hope, when it's time, you go home safe. Can you stomach just a teensy bit of advice from a "legendary partier"?  Read more after the break.

So, you go away to college to have a little freedom and before you know it a whole community, educational system and a bunch of others are trying to jam a bunch of rules and advice up your ass. I'm not going to do that; I know you're smart enough to do the right thing. I was smart enough to do the right thing many times too, and I still did the wrong thing. That's why I'm only going to give you one piece of advice that trumps all others: think before you go out.  That's all.  If you think before you go out, you can can make some smart decisions and preparations before alcohol makes your brain all wobbly. If you think before you go out, you'll buy some condoms so you don't have to quit college to support a family. If you think before you go out you'll find a ride home before hand (and if you have a ride home you can party harder). If you think before you go out, you wont go to place where you'll end up in a fight.

That's it.  You don't need any other advice from any other people. You're more than smart enough to make the right decisions if you make them before you put on the beer googles.  Have a great freakin' year.