Yes it's hit. The Lubbock Health Department has confirmed the first case of West Nile Virus in the Hub City. Now keep in mind that while IT CAN KILL YOU, in 80% of the cases, there are no symptoms whatsoever.  If you have some unexplained fever, headaches, fatigue or flu like symptoms you may want to get checked out.


Have you ever wondered where mosquito's get West Nile Virus (no, not from the West Nile smart ass).  They get it from birds, then they give it to you.  I personally hate birds. I think they're nasty little creatures full of all kinds of nasty mites and yes, viruses.

Here's more on West Nile Virus if you're interested.  I'm not going to waste your time on telling you how to avoid mosquito bites, you can probably figure that one out.  You can be a part of the solution as well though by emptying or even kicking any standing water.  Any old pools, paint buckets, dog bowls,  puddles or whatever serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  They lay their eggs on the top of the water and if you can just kick the water it will cause most of the eggs to sink. If you can empty it out, that's even better.