Guns N' Roses are booked to play the Lone Star Amphitheater Saturday June 1st.  There will be reserved seating in the pit and general admission seating on the lawn.  Opening acts are to be announced.  More after the jump.

First, let's address the first question everybody seems to ask "will they show up"?  Well, the fact of the matter is, the almost always do show up.  They just show up LATE.  It is simply next to impossible to get Axl Rose on stage before 11 p.m.  Then, when they do go on stage, they generally play about three hours.  At this point I would like to point out that they are never contracted to play anywhere near that amount, they just most frequently do.

So keep this in mind: IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO STAY UP PAST MIDNIGHT TO SEE THIS BAND DO NOT BUY A TICKET.  Just don't, okay.  If you think this "isn't Guns N' Roses", DO NOT BUY A TICKET. If you are not willing to just go with the flow and have a good time, DO NOT BUY A TICKET.  There are most than enough people who are willing to pay whatever and stay up however late it takes to see this band. I can also tell you at this time that promoters have wised up a bit to this lateness and have started booking the opening band to start later.  The opener will most likely hit the stage at nine, meaning most of you can put your little kids or little kids to bed before you even have to head out to the Amp.

I would also like to point out that there is a Guns N' Roses 3D movie coming out this summer.  This is not a film, this is the band live and in person on the Amphitheater stage.  I personally think it's an honor to have this band in Lubbock. I hope they'll find Lubbock accommodating and the crowds freakin' nutz!

Here's some general info that you may or may not know:

Guns N' Roses performs in front of a huge video screen just a few feet short of being as wide as the entire stage at the amp. They also utilize a ton of pyro when allowed.

Outdoor shows usually allow for increased vending so there will be more food choices available.

Beer, wine and mixed drinks will be sold

No outside food or beverages are allowed

You cannot leave and come back.

Guns, knives, chains and weapons of any kind are not allowed.

Professional cameras (telephoto lens type) are not allowed.  There is rarely an objection to phones or smaller cameras.

Kids are allowed, but they require a ticket. The thought is, if they're old enough to be at a show, then they're old enough to need a ticket.

There is no reserved seating, there are pit tickets (up front) and lawn tickets.

Blankets are allowed, but are subject to search

No Chairs are allowed

There is no "minor fee"

If you want to park close, it's $5. But there is a TON of free parking if you're willing to walk a bit.

Any type of VIP, meet the band, or fan club gathering is taken care of through the band(s) and it's management. All details for those things should have been given to you when you purchased the upgrade.  We have NOTHING to do with managing or making those things happen.

Here's the film trailer or the bands 3d Film.  Let me stress again, this is for the film, the real band IS coming for the show.