This is not a paid ad.  This is for the love of Whataburger's "Spicy Ketchup".  First off you have to understand that there are very few options open to folks who have lunch at 9-10 a.m. Chief among those choices is Whataburger because they have some of the most varied menu options out there. I still remember (yes, it's odd what people remember) when we were debating on where to eat one morning and Heathen said "let's go to Whataburger, I want to try that new spicy ketchup".  More after the jump.


"Spicy Ketchup" wasn't an instant revelation for us. We kind of said, "hmmm, that's pretty good", but we noticed that we loved it more and more every time we went back.  Well after a while Whataburger discontinued the stuff and I went so far as to register online for the last case of the stuff (a kid in Austin ended up winning it).  Now comes word that the spicy ketchup is back and hopefully here to stay.  I would seriously buy this stuff by the bottle if I could.  For the uninitiated, spicy ketchup is not that "spicy". It's like they just put a drop or two of Tabasco in every little tub, but it doesn't have that vinegary 'wang' that Tabasco has. It's just a touch of hotness.

I'll be slamming back a couple of tubs of the good stuff today.