There is a certain t.v. 'personality' that drops in from time to time to offer what in the old school days was called an "editorial".  It used to be these guys would offer an opinion on current events and sometimes stir the public to action.  While I no longer watch that station, I went by the website in passing only to see an editorial that basically says "emergency responders are good".  Seriously, is that what you're offering?  More after the jump.

These days with increased competition and political correctness everyone is afraid to offer an opinion.  We constantly hear from p.o.ed people who say "you're wrong, and I'm never going to listen to you again".  Well sorry, but I'm not going to go the bland vanilla yogurt way through life.  Sometimes things need to be pointed out and if a few people get their feelings bruised, then you know you've made a connection.

To make your editorial topic "EMS works in the snow" is to dumb things down for an audience that hasn't made it beyond six grade.  What I'd like to know is what caused that ambulance to flip over and is there going to be an investigation to keep it happening again?  Are they top heavy?  Should the 1st responders be required to use slower speeds in snowstorms?  Can we help the families of these guys?  Seriously, we as Lubbockites do owe these folks a debt of gratitude for being on duty in the snow (but then again, there were people on duty at Taco Villa and convenience stores and other places). What needs to be asked is, 'how can we make it safer for our first responders to work in bad conditions"?

My point is, once again, this is a missed opportunity to make things a little better for some folks. Instead what we get is basically a public brown nosing.  I hope some of you are starting to notice this pablum version of journalism as well. We are all dumber for having witnessed it.