Chyna makes the jump to porno, read the review after the jump.  No dirty pictures either you filthy little troll.

Joanie Lauer, aka "Chyna" has come a long way. She started off as an Amazon she-mail looking thing with a squeeky voice in what at the time was the WWF (now W.W.E). They immediately got her a voice coach and she started getting herself more feminine as the years have gone by. Even an early Playboy spread didn't do much to dissuade some people that she may or may not have been a man at some time. She even had a leaked porn with the Wrestler known as X-Pac that was refered to as "horrifying". In between she did reality t.v. and pretty much any other celebrity event she could do. Now comes 2011 and she has done a professional porno with the most professional porn company on the planet, "Vivid Video". She starts with some very hot women (and of course some men) in the movie "B@ckdoor to Chyna". The Rockshow felt compelled to watch the trailer and we can say that she looks like......a woman. Yeah we were surprised at how sexy she looked in the trailer. Now we're not just trying to be salacious here, in our opinion "Chyna" is the biggest "entertainer" to ever make the jump to straight up porn so this is pretty big news.

We wish we could give you a link but that's another no-go place!

What do you think? Is this a career move that you think other "entertainers" will take? Are you more interested in this because "Chyna" is in it? Are you still here, or are you looking at the trailer now? If so, come back and let us know what you think.