News recently came out that developers are investigating the possibility of a “suspended light rail system” to take passengers from the Tech area to downtown.   It’s going to take me weeks to get all of the diet Pepsi out of my nose from when I snarfed after reading that.  While it’s a noble idea, I think the possibility of the developer putting on a black dress and sending a team of flying monkeys to carry each passenger is far more likely.

Central Press/Getty Images

Here’s a little clue for developers.  I went to the redeveloped area across from Texas Tech for the first time two weeks ago.  I’m serious, a couple of friends and I went by Raisin’ Canes after we found out that Mean Woman Grill wasn’t open at that time.  Maybe I’m not the target consumer, but think about that, I have never gone any deeper into that area that University Avenue in the five or so years since everything has been built.   I guess they want to target the few students who aren’t on the Ramen and Beenie Weenies diet plus some football supporters, but that hardly seems like enough people to support a freakin’ monorail.

I think a monorail will end up being nothing but a giant tube of homeless people traveling back and forth to panhandle.  I also think personal jet packs might be a better option.  Better yet, use your two legs and walk your fat football booster ass down the street.