I'm going to try to keep this apolitical as possible, but if you're like me, it helps to know where the crazy comes from. Recently Judge Tom Head appealed for more money for the sheriff's office by telling a tall tale. He said he wanted a better armed Sheriff's department because the President was going to sell the sovereignty of the US to the United Nations and that he and the Sheriff's would turn away the UN (who were coming for our guns). Whatever. That's basically the story. I myself struck out as much as I could with as many messages of righteous indignation that I could post.  Then I started doing some research.

What happened, most likely, is the judge heard someone use this as an example of a small arms treaty that the UN was pushing the US to sign.  The purpose of the treaty was to keep small arms out of the hands of warlords and despotic regimes (and stop the profits of those arming them). I can literally hear crazy talk show hosts in my head saying "THIS IS HOW THEIR GOING TO GET YOUR GUNS AMERICA, GET READY FOR A UN SOLDIER TO KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR."

There's one problem with this scenario. The administration looked at the treaty and told the U.N. we can't sign this treaty because it's against the constitution and the laws of the United States. Let me repeat that, WE told the U.N. that this treaty was against our laws and rejected it (I think Russia did too).  At that point this issue should be over, but no one ever goes on the talk radio stations and yells "I GUESS WE WERE WRONG."

Now once again, I'm not trying to argue politics here. You can believe that some mysterious forces are coming for your guns or we're working towards a 'one world government' or that Illuminati control the world; I don't care. As I've said before, if you want to worry yourself to death over theories, then it's your life and you'll be out of my way sooner rather than later. All I'm stating is that this judge probably based his theories on a real news item, but that news item has come and gone and was thoroughly and outright rejected. This means that those of you who want to believe in a conspiracy theory need to come up with a new one. Good luck with that. And as I posted in another blog, if you have a gun, what are you being such a candyass about? Just don't let 'em. It's up to you.

In the meantime, here's the problem. This judge has put Lubbock County in an awful position. I'm not talking about another embarrassment for the city of Lubbock, I'm talking about the fact that now ever case he has ever sat on, or will ever sit on can now be called into question. All any lawyer has to do is claim this judge was incompetent to sit on the bench, and they'll get a free pass and a second trial.

Lastly, before you get all red face and constipated thinking about how you're going to respond to what I think is a fair assessment of the situation, keep in mind, I believe in your right to bear arms. Small arms may not be for the good of the country, but that horse has left the stable and if crooks have them, you should be able to have them too. Also, the sad part of this is, the Sheriff's office probably really needed the money and now they have very little chance of getting it.

Here's the story from Fox News (which he later repeated on our own KFYO, so it's something this is really circling around this guys nutty dome).