Before I came to work today I stopped at a chili dog establishment and I ordered my usual chili cheese dog and chili cheese fries and when I took the first bite my mood instantly changed.

Now lets understand something, I wasn't in a bad mood or even the least bit grumpy. I was just chilling and need some food because I was hungry.

When I made it to the studio to sit down and eat I took the first bite of my chili cheese dog and I mood was instantly raised to almost chipper. I can't explain why, it was just good chili dog and chili cheese fries. Then I got to thinking, when I am at home and I want to cook I have my go to meal which is chili cheese dogs.


I believe they are the world's perfect food that instantly put me in a great mood. I think everyone should indulge in the chili greatness that is a chili cheese dog either from a food chain or making them by yourself they will instantly give you a boost in your day.

With all that said what food raises your mood after you eat?