I have lost my propane mojo. I don't know what's up. What I do know is I asked you guys how to cook perfect ribs a while back and now I cook perfect ribs. I don't want Google results, I want results like my friends and neighbors. See if you can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.

YouTube/King Of The Hill

We're going to use burgers as an example here because that's where I'm having the most problems.  I'm having too many flare ups and getting burgers that aren't done in the middle. Now, let me state I again, I have had wonderful results doing the things the way I'm currently doing them, it's just something has gone whack in the last six months and I can't figure it out.

I use regular fresh ground beef.  The 73% stuff. I like my burgers juicy and sometimes the lean stuff can give you some really dry burgers. Sometimes I mix the seasonings in, sometimes I just put them on. I guess I make the burgers about as thick as a deck of cards.

My grill seems to have one flame level.  I let it get hot and throw the burgers on.  I try to get a little char or sear on each side, then let them cook. This seems to be where things go wrong. I can't really get the grill to back off and just let the burgers cook, it just seems to get more out of control.

I cleaned my grill to try to get the excess fat and or juices out.  I've tried turning the grill flame lower, but once again that seems to make no difference.  Do you think I'm using too fatty meat, or making the burgers too thick?

I am really about ready to chuck this propane grill and go back to charcoal.  It makes no sense that a propane grill would be harder to control than charcoal, but at least with charcoal you're not dealing with any food residues in your fire source at all.

While you ponder my problem, here's a weird Hank Hill video I found.